Table of contents url do not change if the book name change

I have a book with a name, but if I Edit the book name, from the table of contents, the url is the old one, not the new one.

Old url grammara1en4es => new url english-grammara1en4es will not work from table of contents, but it works from any other place.

I think is my server fault… sorry. I will test more.

I did a migration to a new plesk server and the redirections do not work as it should be.

Any idea?

New plesk have the Apache module: mod_php (Deprecated) and deactivated. So by activating it works.

I will keep searching a litle more. As is a security risk (plesk advice) i have to find a way to do it without that module, if is possible. we will see

Something else is missing. I can not to create a new site (book). i get a redirection problem if I open the new book cover page (is created but i can not get it)

Maybe you need to change your Apache rewrite rules? The original rules are usually at YOURSITE/wp-admin/network/setup.php Did anything change?

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