Table borders not showing in Andressen theme



This is my first post here, so I hope this is the right place.

I have had a few issues using Pressbooks, but I’ll just focus on one for now.

I noticed recently my tables have changed in my book. Even though I have chosen for the tables to have a border, they are now gone, and it makes some of my tables look strange.

Example page–tables towards the bottom, and one table with images just got crazy wonky:

In the past, the tables were fine, except for ones where I did NOT want a border–they still had a bottom line even when I set the border to 0. Now THAT is fixed, but all tables have no borders for me.

Can anyone help? Is this a bug?


Hi @kinseikun, sounds like this may be a bug—thanks for bringing it to our attention. As a user on, you can submit tickets to our support desk (click the question mark in the bottom left hand corner of the Pressbooks dashboard, then click “Send us an email”).



I did make a ticket for it, I believe. I hope it can be fixed soon.

I’m running close to a deadline to make a PDF version. My webbook is finished but honestly the PDF version looks awful. Aside from most of the issues, one reason is that I still have issues with the tables in both the web and PDF versions. Attached are screens of how my tables look on the web and PDF versions. Also I still have the issue of tables with no borders having borders, and now there’s no option for me to not give them borders :frowning:

(I can only post one image. This is the web version.)