Table borders not showing in Andressen theme



This is my first post here, so I hope this is the right place.

I have had a few issues using Pressbooks, but I’ll just focus on one for now.

I noticed recently my tables have changed in my book. Even though I have chosen for the tables to have a border, they are now gone, and it makes some of my tables look strange.

Example page–tables towards the bottom, and one table with images just got crazy wonky:

In the past, the tables were fine, except for ones where I did NOT want a border–they still had a bottom line even when I set the border to 0. Now THAT is fixed, but all tables have no borders for me.

Can anyone help? Is this a bug?


Hi @kinseikun, sounds like this may be a bug—thanks for bringing it to our attention. As a user on, you can submit tickets to our support desk (click the question mark in the bottom left hand corner of the Pressbooks dashboard, then click “Send us an email”).



I did make a ticket for it, I believe. I hope it can be fixed soon.

I’m running close to a deadline to make a PDF version. My webbook is finished but honestly the PDF version looks awful. Aside from most of the issues, one reason is that I still have issues with the tables in both the web and PDF versions. Attached are screens of how my tables look on the web and PDF versions. Also I still have the issue of tables with no borders having borders, and now there’s no option for me to not give them borders :frowning:

(I can only post one image. This is the web version.)


Hello? Anyone?

There are still not borders in my tables. Also the font size randomly changes in my tables. It looks very ugly…please help.


Hi @kinseikun, as Ned noted in December, if you’re a user, the best place for support questions like this is through our support desk. A few other self-help options are outlined here:


can you post the table markup here ? i suspect you’ve got inline styling messing things up.


I hope this helps.
This table has no borders and also strange large font in the header for the two right columns.
View output here:

Related Greek / Roman god / other

English vocabulary and definition

Relationship between vocabulary and story

Gaia "mother earth"
X prefix geo-
the Gigantes gigantic
X giant
X titanic
Chronos chronological
X chronicle (noun / verb)
X synchronize
iris (meaning 1)
iris (meaning 2)
Amaltheia cornucopia
X copious
Zeus' shield under the aegis of
Vulcan volcano
X to vulcanize
Venus venereal
X venerate / veneration
X venom
Hermes hermetic
X mercurial
X merchant
X merchandise
X commerce
the Muses to amuse
X to muse
X museum
X music
X amusement
X to be (someone's) muse
Mnemosyne mnemonic
X memo
X remember
X memory
Phobos phobia
I don't know how to get this to show the code!


Thanks, I have once again. I’ve been messaging them about the issue since January…


Hi @kinseikun – had a quick look at the example you shared. In this particular case it looks like the headings for the two columns which are displaying too large are being wrapped in <p> tags (paragraphs) and that the paragraph tag is applying different CSS (styling rules) which make it larger than other text. It also appears that border rules are being suppressed for the borders on the table inside of the exercises text box. It’s not immediately apparent to me why that is, but I do notice that there are a lot of container divs that this content is nested within (perhaps the HTML was copied from another source). I think our support colleagues will be better able to look inside the book itself, but at first glance these look to me to be styling issues that should be fixable with a little code clean up.


Hi @kinseikun – I noticed that your book was openly licensed (good choice!) so I was able to clone a copy to a testing server we run. See: Once I did that I was able to look at the source of the page itself. I was able to fix the table heading issue by removing extra html that had been copied into the page (in this case some superfluous <div> and <p> tags). I did that by switching into the text editor (from the visual/text tab inside of the main editor) and finding the table where the problem was occurring. I was also able to get the lines to appear by changing the theme and applying a table class of ‘lines’ to the table itself using table properties (see I was not able to get the lines to appear within a textbox with the Andreessen theme, which makes me think that this may be a bug with the theme styles.


Thank you so much!

I am not too well versed in CSS but I have seen that there can be a disconnect between what the visual mode is telling it to do and what the html/css mode sees and what it will do. I hope it can be fixed soon!

And yes, I am all about open / creative commons resources and licenses! :blush: