Table border lines in McLuhan

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The issue is, how can the table border lines for a particular table not be displayed?

I have configured the table with - Table properties > Class > No lines

However, the result produced no difference with the table continuing to display top and bottom borders:

Please advise,

Hi Steve, there’s a CSS rule that adds top and bottom borders to tables themselves in the theme.

To override, go to custom styles and add

.front-matter table, .part table, .chapter table, .back-matter table, body#tinymce.wp-editor table {
border-top: 0;
border-bottom: 0;
Result will look like this:
Screenshot from 2020-01-23 08-29-18
If you want similar effect in exports, you’ll need to add the CSS in those stylesheets as well.

Thanks for the rapid response.
I believe your identification of CSS will override all tables in the book site. How do I get the CSS to effect only a few tables on a single webpage?

Add a class to just the tables in question and apply the CSS rules to that class alone. See

It appears that “element” controls the table border and cannot be overridden by a table class in custom CSS. However, I was able to remove the border lines manually with <table style="border-top: 0; border-bottom: 0;">

Hi Steve – I’m very confident that you can override the border rule with a custom class, provided that you have ensured that your selector is precise enough to target the element you want and override any other CSS rules that might have applied (i.e. .chapter table.borderless if your custom class was ‘borderless’). This isn’t the place for a CSS tutorial, but I’m glad you found a solution that works for you.

Perhaps that is why WordPress customizer ( is very useful and possibly a wonderful addition to Pressbooks.