T/C and Figure list not in the exported ePub or PDF

I’m new, but I’ve tried to follow the latest PB rules and put the front matter tags where they belong. But after exporting there is neither a T/C nor a figure list in the output. My chapter headings aren’t called “chapters” but they’re formatted as such (it’s an anthology of stories and not meant as chapters). And my figures are appropriately labeled as such.


Jack T.

Well, Jay, my lad, nobody home, I guess, or you’re being shunned. Maybe the PB world demands old-fashioned lurking for a month before talking at you. I guess PB ain’t all the library said it was… . Back to Smashwords; they ain’t cool but at least they’re helpful…

Hi @Jay_P_T this is a community forum where answers usually come from other users. Looks like no one had a good answer for you. It’s possible that it’s because your original post was light on specifics. Often good technical support can be facilitated with a URL or example of the problem you’re running into, to help folks who want to help better understand/replicate the issue and propose potential solutions. Where is your book hosted – is this an open source Pressbooks install, a version of Pressbooks provided by a public library, pressbooks.com, an enterprise Pressbooks instance hosted by a university, etc.? Can you provide sample files or screenshots of what’s not working the way you expected?