Spacing Before and After Images within Text

I cannot seem to figure out how to always maintain equal spacing before and after images within text. Sometimes the space above the image is double-spaced but single-spaced below, sometimes the space under the image is double-spaced bur single-spaced above and sometimes the space above and below the image is single-spaced. How do I maintain or create equal spacing above and below images within text?

Hi @DrJRN, can you provide a URL for your book and a screenshot or two showing the problems you’re encountering? My guess is that this issue is probably fixable with a few CSS tweaks (, but can’t know for sure without seeing the problem in greater detail.

Thanks Steel. Nice to talk to you outside of Twitter.

The URL to the book is Here is the chapter that is particularly vexing.

I have attached a screenshot. You can see how the text goes from a column-like format to a horizontal format, with all images showing up on the far left. I hope the screenshot is helpful.

Thanks again.

Hi Jim – I went in and looked at the chapter in question – it looks like the content you flagged is broken because of a HTML error in the footnote just preceding it that’s causing the container div to be closed too early. When I go into the HTML editor, this is what I see:

[footnote]Multiple sources to include A Study in Jazz Historiography: "The New Grove Dictionary of Jazz,"
<div class="contrib">by Eileen Southern, <cite>College Music Symposium, </cite>Vol. 29 (1989), pp. 123-133[/footnote]</div>

The problem here is that </div> element sitting on its own outside of the footnote shortcode. I would fix by either removing the <div class="contrib"> element and its closing tag entirely, or moving the closing tag inside of the footnote (i.e. just before the [/footnote] shortcode close tag.

Oh thank you!! I never would have figured that out. Thank you.

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