Some issues related to PB

Some related to PB5 some not. I just notice by testing.

If we have books in just one or two categories, is really hard to find the books. I think is better if one category have not books, is hidden.

Mobiles size:
I do not think people use the editor mode in mobiles, but if so, is hard to read. Maybe we have to focus in tablets and if in mobiles have bad experience… well, we can not offer a solution for all the users at once.

With a tiny size of browser, that happens.

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Root theme issue. Catalog page

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Book info allow to change the url of the CPT Book-information. Do we whant that? I do not know if it matters, but if somebody do a plugin for PB, to change that would be an issue?

( I´m searching PB5.0 issues-bugs, but meanwhile, i´m writing here other type of PB

Why te tables fix the table size so easy? instead of being dinamic?

I need to fix the tables the most of the times I do modificate.

I do not have to have the 15px size…

In Pressbooks 5, the Organize page is responsive—this was an issue I fixed. Are you seeing this in Pressbooks 5? This is what I’m seeing:

Likewise, in Aldine 2.0-RC.1, we hide all subjects which are not applied to the currently displayed books (which sometimes means the subject list is empty):

Is this in the current version of Aldine or an older version?

I think this is fixed in Pressbooks 5…

This is a shortcoming of TinyMCE, as far as I know.

is the RC-1

What browser are you using?

Firefox, but i did try with Chrome too.

13 inches mac book.

Can you open a GitHub ticket about this? Thank you.

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