Slow admin page

Can be possible with big installatins the admin pages became slow?

since we have 300 books, My books sections have to do a lot of redirections ( I do have 12k queries and it takes up to 15 seconds to load a page.)

Maybe email of the creator of the installation may not have that section activated. Since he will not need the shortcut.

We have 1000+ sites, and found that front end for all sites work with the good speed.

But the admin page as become much slower on loading any page. Sometime it throws database error on admin page.

Please do share if you have found any solution. We have been searching all over the internet, but still could not fix it.

WordPress Multisite User Sync/Unsync

and deactivate all your sites, or all the non required, from the admin profile

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@colomet Thank you…will check and see if the speed increases. But we cannot deactivate the site as it is given public access to the user.