Slimstat compatibility Styling

An issue that appears is trying to implement a graphical widget into PB.
The symptom is a blank space.

Example: World Map

[slimstat f=‘widget’ w=‘slim_p6_01’][/slimstat]

Key solution is to ensure that the above shortcode is set to Preformatted style.

Copy and pasting code into a page can result in paragraph style, but for Slimstat shortcode graphical widgets to function correctly in PB I found that Preformatted style works.

Wow, their website is having some… issues!

Steve, have you tried this in a normal (non-Pressbooks) WordPress environment? Just curious if the behaviour you’re experiencing is a bug with this plugin. works fine
In a Networked WordPress environment (non-PB), the shortcode for slimstat graphics did not require any style to function correctly.