Simple quotation marks automatically changed to right curly quote and double prime


I’m working with Pressbooks for Ryerson ( and I’m wondering if we’re the only ones having this problem that arose after we updated last week.

I type in simple quotation marks in the editor: tabindex="0", but in the web e-book it gets changed to a right curly quote and a double prime: tabindex=”0″

This happens in every theme.

What is the solution here?

Thank you!

We’ve also discovered, that the prime shows only after a number, but we get the second right curly quote after any character that’s not a number, so:
tabindex="aaa" becomes tabindex=”aaa”.

Also, the problem appears only after an equal sign, even though it still doesn’t solve the problem with all other simple quotes being forcibly curled. This is the web rendition of all simple quotes:
tabindex=”0″ “x” “999”

Hi @Marta, I responded to your GitHub issue:

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Thank you! We’ll add the code tag in the book.

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