"simple book publishing" appears when sharing

When I share my webbook in a text message or a Facebook message, it displays the cover image, the main URL to my network, and a title that appears to consist of the title (not subtitle) and a phrase “Simple Book Publishing”. I do understand why it’s there – sort of an advertisement for my network – however, it’s awkward and meaningless to the people I am sharing with. I am not sharing my site, I am sharing a book. The second half should either be the subtitle of the book, or something/nothing else. But I can’t find the location of this text blurb to fix it. Any help? (And I’ve tried searching both the network guide and the user guide, but I can’t find anything. Maybe I don’t know the correct name of the feature.)

that´s the default configuration, if you require something specifical, you can always to install a SEO plugin, like https://es.wordpress.org/plugins/autodescription/

Hi @kalico, I think what you’re seeing may be what’s called the ‘Tagline’ for the book. You can set this for the network itself at https://YOURNETWORK.URL/wp/wp-admin/options-general.php and for individual books at https://YOURNETWORK.URL/BOOKURL/wp-admin/options-general.php. I don’t know whether changing this will affect how the book shared on social media, but that’s where I’d look first to change it.

Thanks so much, that was the solution! I didn’t have it set on the network (just blank) but somehow was in the tagline of the book itself. I was pretty sure I had changed it, but maybe it defaulted back at some point when I was messing with something. Thanks again for your help!!