SHARE THIS BOOK -FB and twitter sharing of other languages


When we share using “SHARE THIS BOOK” for FB and Twitter, unicode font does not display, instead this strange character displays…
/%e0%ae%a4%e0%ae%ae%e0%ae%bf%e0%ae%b4%e0%af%8d-%e0%ae%87%e0%ae%b2%e0%ae%95%e0%af%8d%e0%ae%95%e0%ae%bf%e0%ae%af%e0%ae%a4%e0%af%8d%e0%ae%a4%e0%ae%bf%e0%ae%a9%e0%af%8d-%e0%ae%a4%e0%af%8a%e0%ae%a9%e0%af%8d/ via @pressbooks


Thanks for reporting, I’ll be looking into this next week.


Thank you. It will be an added advantage if you could add Whatsapp share button, since WhatsApp is widely used social media


When we share the URL, the default content of the pressbook comes in the sharing window, and How do we customize this content according to our website

Check out this great book on Pressbooks. /URL via @pressbooks


Please feel free to open issues at for:

  • Adding WhatsApp (generally: customizing the social networks supported)
  • Customizing the default share text


I’ve tested this locally and while it doesn’t look great, the link should work. If you paste this URL into your browser:

It turns into this:தமிழ்-இலக்கியத்தின்-தொன்ியத்தின்-தொன்

The reason it doesn’t display with the correct characters is because the URL is passed to the share tool via a data attribute and it uses URL encoding. I don’t think we can change this behaviour with our share tool but you should be able to still use the links without any problems.


hello @ned thank you very much.

It works perfectly fine in Facebook.

But in Twitter, the characters are not displaying…

Also if you could help me personalize our brand on twitter sharing will be great…


Does clicking the link in Twitter work? It should.


when click on the twitter link it takes to the right page…it works perfectly fine…only the characters does not display


As I said above :point_up:


Thank you @ned . Could you help me to customize the content for our brand


Hi @johnpeterm, as I mentioned earlier, we’d appreciate you adding an issue requesting this feature at Code contributions are also welcome.


How do i disable Twitter in the code and keep only the FB for sharing book


There is no way to do this at present.