Separation between videos and preceding paragraphs in McLuhan


At least in McLuhan, the separation between a video and the previous paragraph is not consistent. The first video leaves some space on top (which is how I personally like it), but the second video in the same chapter does not.

See example below:

The code for the image above is just:


[video  ...][/video]


[video  ...][/video]

If one manually adds a line in between the second video and the previous paragraph, then the line is there but the extra separation appears, so the separation between the videos and their preceding paragraphs remains different. Any ideas?
Thanks a lot

I’ve added this to our backlog for further exploration.

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Good morning @lrizquierdo --I’m just seeing this thread and don’t know if it’s still an issue for you. If it is, would you be willing to provide a URL of a page where it’s a problem?

Hi Steel, thanks so much for asking! Yes, the problem is still there. Look at the videos at the end of this website:
Thanks a lot, and I hope you are very well indeed!

Hi Luis, I did some preliminary digging and it looks like the first video is inserting a <br> element before the <div> elements that contain the player

and the second one isn’t

That answers what’s happening, but I’m not sure why. At least it’s a start?

Thanks Steel, it is indeed a start

I was wondering whether there’s been any progress on this issue.

Hi Luis, unfortunately we haven’t looked at or fixed this issue yet. Ned did in fact add it to our backlog previously, but it got buried when we moved our backlog from one tool to GitHub. I recently dug out and refiled all old backlog tickets, so your issue now lives in GitHub: I don’t know when we’ll get to fixing this, but it’s captured in our current bug backlog at least. Sorry for such a long delay!


Thanks a lot for your prompt reply, Steel, as always