Just today I did receive an email where looks like I have 250 pages with more than one h1 title. Looks like the h1 of the link in the header have a conflict.


Thanks @colomet. Here’s the W3C’s guidance on use of heading elements (including H1s): There’s a lot of broader confusion about whether it’s ok to have multiple H1 elements on a page (it is, as long as they’re used in the expected way), and plenty of conflicting SEO advice on the subject. Here’s Google’s John Mueller on this subject: Microsoft’s Bing service may have different opinions, which we can’t control. The main objective we have is to make sure that our pages are semantically well structured and use headings and other elements in line with the guiding W3C objectives. As a product team, planning for accessibility for our human users is more important to us than pleasing search engines or SEO advisors.

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