Self-publisher Support?

PressBooks website points self-published authors with questions to this forum. But this forum appears to be for developers. Do any of you know where the support forum for self-published authors is?

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Hi @dcharrison we don’t provide personalized support for self-published authors using (see support policy:, but there are plenty of folks on this forum who generally try to jump in and answer questions for users having problems. Feel free to ask here and hopefully someone will have an answer for you!

Yeah. That’s the page where I found a link to this forum… but all the topics are aimed at developers. :-/

Suggestion? Add one topic for software users. That way, when we do the due diligence to find the link on that page, we land somewhere that is obviously where we belong.

Thank you!

Hi @dcharrison, great suggestion. You’ve probably seen that we have existing categories for things like ‘theming’, ‘editing’, accessibility’, ‘sharing’, and ‘collaboration,’ which we hoped would encompass many of the kinds of things that self-published authors might ask each other about, but we’ve probably missed some things. What would be a better category title for what you have in mind? If we can come up with a category title that seems accurate and useful for folks generally, we’d be happy to add it to this forum.

Those are great titles — but in light of the developer-centric ones, they felt like “editing for developers”, etc.

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Maybe break-up RANDOM into “Developer Misc”, “Admin Misc”, and “Author Misc”? And then rewrite the blurbs for the categories to call out the various audiences? I think I’m reading your audience landscape correctly: Developers, Admins, and then (solo) Authors?

Just some thoughts.

OR skip all that and add a paragraph above the two-column category listing that says explicitly that this forum is for AUTHORS, ADMINS, and DEVELOPERS. :slight_smile:

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