Screen Reader Statement or Instructions for readers

We would like to include information for students reading our Pressbook open textbook on what the optimal screen reader to use with a Pressbook is and some basic instructions (I admit I am not well-versed in screen readers yet, so just getting started on this journey). Are there any examples of such language, and/or suggestions for which screen reader tools we should recommend students use with a Pressbook, considering (as far as I know) Pressbook’s does not have a built-in screen reader?

I know I was told Pressbooks should work with all major screen readers assuming the Pressbook is created with accessibility standards in place, but am eager to know what users’ best experience has been.

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Hi Megan,

Not exactly screen reader specific, but Using This Book – Accessibility Handbook for Teaching and Learning has instructions for navigating Pressbooks using keyboard navigation and screen readers. Specifically focusing on moving between pages and using the table of contents menu would be the priorities for screen reader users.

Pressbooks is an accessible platform. Of course, it’s easy to add inaccessible content to it. As far as optimal screen reader, it shouldn’t matter. I have tested Pressbooks with JAWS, NVDA, and VoiceOver.


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