Replace catalog page with own brand name

How can i replace “Pressbook” with our brand name in the catalog page

It looks like you are using Pressbooks 4, is that right?

If you upgrade to Pressbooks 5, they replaced Pressbooks Publisher with a new root theme they called Pressbooks Aldine.

One of the advantages of Pressbooks Aldine is you can customize the site a little bit more, including putting your own branding on it in terms of colors and logos.

Here’s my Pressbooks 5 site catalog page with the customizations you are talking about.

I using Version 5.2.1, This appears on users catalog page on the left side panel.

 * pb_catalog_title allows users to change the catalog title branding.
 * @since 4.3.4
echo apply_filters('pb_catalog_title', 'Pressbooks');


Thank you @dac.chartrand it works