Reinstate 300dpi export option Pressbooks 4.0+


I know the option to force 300dpi was removed per

We have many books where images were set for 300dpi. Now they are reduced to 96 and ‘physically’ do not layout properly within the books. I can provide examples or screen shots from our publisher/editor if you need. We need 300dpi for our Prince PDF book versions.

Basically, we have to re-edit and re-publish many of our existing books. From our publisher/editor:
“if you change the sizes of the images using the edit image option on the site, it downsamples it so that it exports at really low resolution. I have to let everything be “full size” but then when I export it to PDF, since I can’t force the 300dpi, they get too big and cause awkward gaps and still have low resolution”

Could the “force 300dpi” functionality be re-instated somehow? I have written and tweaked plugins; is there a way to make this a must-use plugin (for our instance of Pressbooks at least :slight_smile: ? Thanks.

Hi @rootl, adding the following in the form of a must-use plugin should override the new setting for both old and new themes:

add_filter( 'pb_pdf_css_override', function( $scss ) {
  $scss .= '$prince-image-resolution: 300dpi;' . "\n" . 'img { prince-image-resolution: 300dpi; }';
  return $scss;
} );

Let me know if it works! If not I will help figure it out one way or another.

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