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Can a second glossary-like option be added to compile list of alphabetic references in the back matter?

I’d like to link APA7-style in-text citations to full bibliographic entry at the end. Correct me if there is a way to achieve this!

Hi @vhartman there’s no automatic way to generate full list of references from in-text citations in Pressbooks. You can create something like this with Zotero or a comparable citation management software, however (see creating bibliographies [Zotero Documentation]) and then simply paste it into a back matter entry in Pressbooks. I’d recommend using the Bibliography, Notes, Resources, Sources, or Suggested Reading back matter types, depending on the type of content you’re creating.
Screenshot from 2022-10-18 14-23-33 (copy)

You can also use the hanging indent formatting option to format the entries in the bibliography to display as expected:

Here’s a bibliography that I created in about 2 minutes using this method (Zotero bibliography pasted in Pressbooks backmatter with the hanging indent applied): Bibliography – Demo Book

Hopefully that saves you some time!

Thank you! That’s close to how we solved it.

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