Recent Changes to HTML structure and navigation elements?

Hi @Ned–have there been recentish changes to the HTML structure for Pressbooks chapters and/or the nav-reading navigation element? I seem to recall that there used to be a wrapper class and wrap id (we were targeting it for some CSS changes, I think), but I don’t see those in standard page markup anymore. I’m also not seeing a switch between the nav-reading menu’s positioning at different page widths. Is it now universally fixed to appear at the bottom of the page? I didn’t see specific references to either of these in past release notes, though it’s quite possible I’m looking in the wrong place …

Hi Steel, relevant changes in McLuhan 2.5.0 are as follows:

  • Display front and back matter types in navigation: #253
  • Make webbook navigation consistent on all screen size (props @colomet for the idea): #256

In short, we changed the navigational elements to display (for example) “Introduction” rather than “Front Matter” — using the front matter/back matter type, if available, to add context for navigation. In testing this we found that this exacerbated a problem that already occurred which you had identified in — the overlapping of navigational elements with the reading content — and we decided to adopt a suggestion from @colomet and make the navigational elements work the same way on all screen sizes. As to other markup changes, I’m not aware of any—if you can add some details I can figure out what’s going on.

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Thanks Ned–I should have looked at the theme updates rather than the PB core! Now that I’m thinking about themes, my guess is that the extra wrapper stuff was probably a relic/legacy of the Open Textbooks theme, which we were using heavily on our Unizin-hosted instance. @brad – if it’s not too much trouble, can you quickly confirm whether the Open Textbooks theme did/does make use of a .wrapper class or #wrap id or point me toward the place where the answer to that question might be found in your repo?

Hi Steel - hope this helps:

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