Read full page buttom

Maybe, in order to be faster the download in mobiles devices and maybe tablets too, we could create a read full story buttom like in or the new york times

@colomet, I believe there’s a ‘read more’ button in the WYSIWYG currently. I haven’t used it, so don’t how well it functions with Pressbooks, but it’s there for me. Have others used it to good effect?

I did try, and i just see all the text, not a read more.

I believe that buttom just works in the catalog of the post, showing the first lines of the page as a resume.

What I mean is, maybe is good to allow in long post to have one buttom in the middle of the page. Then when the customers read one page with the mobile, they are allowed to read till that place, then they need to decided if they read more or not. That helps in big pages with a lot of content, pictures, videos, to avoid slow navigation or avoiding to download the full page before to ask if the readers whant to.