Rationale for chapter-specific attribution statements in webbook?

In the webbook, each part and chapter has a unique attribution statement that is automatically generated (e.g, Chapter Title by Author is under a Creative Commons Attribution Licence), even though the chapter/part licence matches that of the book.

We (BCcampus) are wondering why it was set up like that. From our perspective, a chapter should be, by default, under the licence of the book (which means the attribution statement in each part/chapter should read “Book Title by Author is under a Creative Commons Attribution Licence”) UNLESS the chapter licence/author has been changed in the chapter metadata. It doesn’t make sense to us that each chapter/part would be licensed/attributed individually by default.

Even if someone were to repurpose an individual chapter, that attribution statement should include the book title. (E.g., The Final Check from the Self-Publishing Guide by Lauri Aesoph is under a Creative Commons Attribution Licence, unless otherwise noted.)

(Apologies if I’ve posted in the wrong topic…)

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Hi Josie, we’re going to change this— thanks for the suggestion!

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Ticket: https://github.com/pressbooks/pressbooks/issues/1508