Question: Where should I report different kinds of Pressbooks issues?

I am confused about where to report various Pressbooks issues as I always seem to put things in the wrong place.

I think I understand which issues need to get reported to the BCcampus development team and which need to be sent to Pressbooks core, but once I have figured that out, I have no idea which Pressbooks GitHub repository to put it in.

Is it best that I describe an issue on the Pressbooks discourse page first and go from there?

Or, if they should go right in GitHub, could you provide some guidance/tips on how to determine which repository an issue belongs to?

Or, is it fine that I get it wrong half the time?

Any feed back would be appreciated. Thanks.

I wouldn’t take putting things in the wrong place personally. Unless you’re in the code it’s not always obvious. From the user’s perspective it all looks like one thing. From the developers perspective it’s many seperate things put together. Think of Pressbooks as a Microkernel Architecture:

Pressbooks, our of the box, is at least:

It could also be:

  • Pressbooks CAS
  • Pressbooks LTI
  • … dozens of other plugins …
  • … dozens of other themes …
  • … javascript build tools …
  • … deploy tools …

We appreciate it when we you open an issue. Then when we then ask to open the issue somewhere else we appreciate that more. It’s twice as much work for you but it is important to get it right.

We’ve installed to make moving issues easier.

General guidance/tips:

  • If it’s a book issue it goes in McLuhan
  • If it’s a front page issue (landing page, marketing, catalogue) it goes in Aldine
  • If it’s an admin issue it goes in Pressbooks

Try your best.

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Thanks! I appreciate the detailed response. This is helpful.

What Dac said! Moving issues is really easy now so if you open one in the “wrong” place I can copy it over to a different repo just by commenting on the issue. So don’t worry if you aren’t sure (and if you want to check here first that’s fine too).