Proofreading including comments to the text body?

during a workflow from the original manuscript to export from PressBooks: where and how is proofreading included? I can’t find a good solution in PressBooks itself.

proofreading should take place before exporting the final text and should be easy for the proofreader (like in word or in libreoffice writer).

is my understanding correct that the concept of PressBooks doesn’t include proofreading? and that the import into PressBooks should only take place after the proofreading is finished?

any help and hint is gratefully valued.

Hi @grac – many users to prefer to do proofreading before importing into Pressbooks, yes. Others use our integration with Hypothesis (an open annotation tool) and do proofreading/editing in a private group. See + +

thanks for clearing my question.
in my case (a book manuscript) i prefer proofreading before importing.