Problems with Prince and free downloads

I am experiencing odd formatting export issues with the latest version of PB, completely standard, on a server development installation, with Prince pdf export (print + digital), with both DocRaptor and local server installation of Prince XML (This is also happening on the production version 3.9.9.). Namely, theme options ‘no blank pages’ is not being respected for digital pdfs. And no matter what I do the title and by credits, on the title page appear on two pages.

It seems counterintuitive to have to enter a custom copyright on the book info page, when you wish to create as part of a normal book - i.e. for web there is a page, but this must be unticked for export. Also a feature request, to be able to include the cover for digital pdf, would be grand.

On the production server, still running 3.9.9. there are no suffixes (.epub, .mobi, .pdf) to the download files, therfore no icons nor visible links -any ideas what might be happening here?

That’s a deliberate design decision; we forceably omit blank pages from digital PDFs.

Not clear why the title page is being split.

This is on our roadmap:

Closed for now but we will get to it some day.

No you misunderstand me Ned, it is not omitting the blank pages for digital pdfs when that option is selected.

What theme are you using?

The base theme McLuhan, but is happening with all themes. This is an imported Pressbooks XMl, I’m going to try a new book without import.

I can’t reproduce this behaviour, sorry.

Ok, but this is a completely standard installation with all the latest themes.

What about the missing extensions? the exports are there intact in /wp-content/uploads/sites/4/pressbooks/exports but from the front page of the book they have no extensions, is this a php code ($site_option = get_site_option( 'pressbooks_sharingandprivacy_options', array( 'allow_redistribution' => 0 ) ); -should that not be 1 ?), mime type thing, where would you suggest to start looking? I’m investigating all extra plugins but most everything unessential is disabled.

You’re running 3.9.9 on your production server; the current version is 5.2.1. The bug with file extensions was fixed in Pressbooks 4.0 (see here).

Ok thanks Ned, I managed to incorporate the mods into 3.9.9 and extensions are there now but the icons are not displaying and I can see no reference in the bug to that.

Sorry, I can’t help with that.

OK, I’ll dig around you were very helpful.

Btw here is what I’m getting from Prince:

Wed Apr 11 19:09:53 2018: ---- begin
Wed Apr 11 19:09:53 2018: /tmp/phpGpdgOr:1286: warning: unknown page class ':after'
Wed Apr 11 19:09:54 2018: finished: success
Wed Apr 11 19:09:54 2018: ---- end