PrinceXML not working for unicode


I have book on unicode character, different language than english,When I export using PrinceXML, it is not exporting the content, but exporting strange charaters


You can include fonts for additional languages and scripts by going to Appearance → Theme Options → Global Options and selecting the desired languages/scripts. If what you are looking for isn’t there, let us know.


Thank you @ned I have selected the Font and exported again, but the problem still persist, still the strange characters are exported.


Appreciate, if solution is suggested…


Export an XHTML and open it in a web browser. Does it do the same thing?


Open the generated PDF in one of those two tools and check if the fonts are embedded. The font-family property has several font names as a “fallback” system. If the first font is not found, or does not contain a character, then it tries the next font. It is possible the path to the tamil font is not found when exporting (open_basedir restriction in effect?)


This (open_basedir restriction in effect), problem is solved.

I have generated new PDF with Prince xml, again the strange characters exported instead of actual character.

Exported the book as XHTML and open with Libre Office Draw: it works perfectly fine and the browser as well.

Export the book as PDF and open with Libre Office Draw:, it shows strange characters and original text is not displayed.


Did you enable the language your are using in Appearance → Theme Options → Global → Language & Script support? Are you getting any error messages in the export logs? (Go to Settings → Export and turn on the option which emails you error logs.)


Thank you @ned, It works once we enable language and script.


This was what I suggested first… PrinceXML not working for unicode