I don't have CSS options

Has the CSS menu been moved? I used to be able to edit CSS, now I can’t.

I have attached screenshots of what the old system looked like versus what I can see now (NO CSS OPTION)

also I’ve attached how CRAP my book I migrated looks now compared to how it used to look


Hi @Debbie_Jenkins, this looks like a bug. We’ll contact you by email this morning to solve this. Custom CSS is only available on books on the Collaboration plan (Get started | Pressbooks outlines the features for Pressbooks plans), but the changes you show here are unintentional and it will be possible to undo them.

To say I’m disappointed that CSS is not available under the self-publisher option is an understatement. When I spoke to Hugh I was under the impression that I’d be able to continue working with pressbooks, all be it with a different payment model (monthly not one off). It was not clear that you were reducing the functionality.

And I don’t want to collaborate (the upgrade option from 110 to 400!) I just want to output beautiful PDFs as before. I’d be paying 290 to edit the CSS - impossible!

@Debbie_Jenkins FYI, I am a longtime Pressbooks “pioneer” and the admin of my college’s EDU account for Pressbooks. Imagine my dismay when I took out a private account for myself like you did and could not edit CSS!! I submitted a ticket on this and hopefully there will be a similar groundswell to add this feature. (How hard could it be to do that??). Seems unfair to cough up >$100 a year and not be able to edit CSS. C’mon!

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I’m glad I’m not the only one!

Adding to the groundswell, @Debbie_Jenkins @weevie833 - seems like ability to edit CSS should be in the basic plan. I’m not using Pressbooks for collaboration with students or a team of authors, either.

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