Pressbooks-lti-provider launch URL/provision book

Does the pressbooks-lti-provider automatically provision a “book” or does the “book” need to exist first?


I used another WP LTI provider in the past and it would automatically provision a WP site (if it didn’t exist) based on the site_id in the LTI call.


Hi Ken,
For now, the book needs to exist first. We’re working on adding a feature that would allow users to create books via LTI and a specific endpoint, but it’s not finished yet.

Hi Steel,
Thanks for the confirmation! When I tried with the other LTI provider in the past (that automatically provisioned sites) I ran into an issue with the resulting site not working with the rules set up for cloning.

Your plugin works great. Thank you and your team for all the work on it and making it available.


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