Pressbooks educational metadata


I´m working with a plugin for pressbooks. We had something in the past, but is not working as it should be, that´s why we decided to start and make it much simple before to start to upgrade with features.

We did finish the alpha (to make it works).
Now betha (to make it for the pressbooks comunity, not just specific for my site)

Now, PB use several schema classes

For books: books
(as you can see, some fields are empty, we will create for pressbooks inside of pressbooks core if @ned you are agree. We believe the edition of the book is very important, book format… can be good if we allow to download the book, illustrator is missing too, and i don´t know about number of pages)

For chapters: webpage
(we need to think about that types because some are missing but we need a better research)

In order to make the metadata more flexible and because we are creating educational metadata (by default), we are creating other schema classes

for books: courses

for chapters: ScholarlyArticle

and in the future, we will use website classes from schema for the root theme


that is the plugin (current under development and not ready for a final installation)


We had an issue with our plugin when we updated Pressbooks to the latest release.
They changed the way they display the Book metatags from


and made the properties of the book to appear twice while using our plugin. The way to fix it was either place our microdata code to the footer, or change the format and use for example JSON-LD.
Which one would you prefer? To keep the same format Pressbooks uses and put our code in the footer or use JSON-LD and keep it to the header?


We compare 3.9.7 vs 3.9.8. RC3


I’d say footer is better.


We launch our beta version. Is not as it should be, but is a good start point.

And that is our roadmap for the next weeks

  • 0.4 Review the Site/Cover page metadata
  • 0.5 Review the Cutom-Post/Chapter metadata
  • 0.6 Review the Site/RootSite metadata
  • 0.7 To create documentation and accesibility in frond end
  • 0.8 To create a settings page (site and network)
  • 0.9 Working with administration page

We are going to integrate in our plugin all the properties from the shema. The shema we believe it should be in our plugin and the shema it should be in PB. We did in diferent files, in that way, in the future, if you wish, could be integrated easily in PB or not and to have it just if you install our plugin.


In Pressbooks right now (Version 4.7.3) there is a field called “Ebook ISBN” but it doesn’t produce the expected schema property for Google. Is it in the plans to add it in the future or should we consider doing something ourselves?
Because I don’t know how to access the information from your fields in the Book Info.


Currently it is displayed in the webbook footer:

I’ve held off on adding it to the schema data because this issue was opened last month and I haven’t had a chance to follow up yet.

In terms of how you access the Book Information — \Pressbooks\Book::getBookInformation() returns it as an array. Or there’s the alias, pb_get_book_information(), which is already being used in your plugin.


I would like to ask to the community if some one of you have time for take a look how is going the metadata plugin, some feedback will be welcomed.

Those are the new fields of Book info

That´s is how looks like now
The book cover

A page of the book (now, the most of the metadata of that place, is automatic from Book info or wordpress, we will create some new nice fields the next week)

Next week we will update to the 0.5 version. Maybe some of you in such moment could test in your installation and to give us some feedback.