Pressbooks Dependencies not available with EasyEngine installation

Just installed Pressbooks in a fresh multisite wordpress (5.4) using EasyEngine 4 (PHP 7.4) in a Ubuntu 18.04 LTS VPS. I have already installed the dependencies in the system: KindleGen, EpubCheck, xmllint and saxon HE (and JDK as well). Also installed the mpdf for PB plugin and the imagick, ghostscript and poppler-utils in the server. The paths are correctly set in the wp-config file.


  1. In the book cover it seems PB does not have access to imagick, ghostscript and so on, to generate the cover.
  2. In Export I don’t have ePub, ePub3, MOBI, ODF, XHTML, and HTML Book options available (error: Some dependencies for PDF, Print PDF, EPUB, MOBI, EPUB3, XHTML, ICML, OpenDocument, and HTMLBook exports could not be found. Please verify that you have completed the installation) and even the mPDF export option is not working (EventStream Connection Error).

So, basically, I have no dependencies and no errors. Trried to debug with var dumps in check_epubcheck_install() and check_kindlegen_install() but it just throws a message about java and nothing else.

Does anyone knows what can be happening? Does anyone tried this with EasyEngine 4?
It seems to be a permissions issue or simply EasyEngine/docker access to dependencies.

Thank you very much in advance.