Plugin review: Post revision display

It requires of some css modifications and some work. But to show the revisions in each page, could be a good way to show the readers what´s new in a page.

Is in my to-do list.

– Imagine, we have a translation, and then we update the book, with that plugin we can have a easy way to show to the translators or adaptators of the book what´s new in the page.
–More features can be developet with that in order to be able to give more information to the people who adapt or translate of our book.


Thanks for this suggestion. It relates to some other ideas we’ve been discussing, I’ll bring it up during our planning session for April-June.

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It would also be a nice feature in case for those situations where printed versions of the book exist. Reader having a old version of the book could check what and how much changed compared to the newest edition. Especially useful for teachers who often need to find out if it makes sense from them to move their notes to a new version of the book or for students to see if their old version of the book is still OK for them. That would require that authors/editors can set a revision as a “major revision” and that only “major revisions” are presented to readers in the “revision comparison drop-down selection”.

If we are creating something by ourselfs, instead of having that in the footer (that works and offer what we need), we could have something like time machine where the users could easy to have a navigation inside of the book in a different time frame (the same but maybe more fancy):*/