PHP alternative to Jar

Are the following PHP generators viable alternatives to the Jar files needed for some export formats?

phpMobi file generator

PHP ePub generator

Hi @sswettenham, we use KindleGen and EpubCheck, both of which are independent binaries. We have enough trouble with the idiosyncrasies of the Kindle format that I would not be confident in an “experimental” third-party generator, particularly one that has not been updated since 2016. As for EPUB, we actually generate the files entirely using PHP; EpubCheck just validates the output to make sure that it conforms to the standard (and facilitates reliable transformation into Kindle/MOBI files).

EDIT: I guess that is a “no” :slight_smile:

From the phpMOBI repo:

IMPORTANT: Do NOT use this on a public web server: most of it was coded in a weekend, with no testing and no special attention to security. Also, as no official documentation for the MOBI file format is available, there will be some bugs/problems in the generated files…

Exploring alternatives of having external dependencies to WordPress.

Ideally we would love if we had less of these, so thanks for digging into it.