PHP 7.4 compatibility and other issue

PHP 7.4 compatibility and showing some error when Trying to add front matter then showing this error Failed to initialize Plugin Table,What is the issue here?

Hi @deep, it’s going to be impossible for anyone to answer your question without more details about the error you saw, the actions you took to produce it, and the environment you’re running. Even without seeing those, I can tell you that Pressbooks currently requires and is fully compatible with PHP 7.3: Our dev team hasn’t yet tested extensively for 7.4 compatibility, but it’s on our 2021 roadmap.

Issue showing on any editor and this alert is showing-Failed to initialize plugin: table
Please have a look on the attached screenshot.

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I do have the same issue.

Hi @deep,

Thanks for the screenshot! Can you provide the error logs when it happened in debug.log ( and/or the browser console ( if it exists.

You might have to recreate the error.

Thank you for your help!

Ho Man

looks like the table options are not available.

Hi Ho Man and Steel,

Just popping in with a me too. Although this thread started talking about compatibility with PHP 7.4, I can confirm that this is happening on a Pressbooks running on PHP 7.3. I’ll share my full diagnostics page.

The behavior I am seeing is that on any page with the Rich Text Editor, I get an identical screenshot to what Deep shared. His screenshot shows the Book Info page, but I can reproduce on any chapter or part.

I can reproduce on the latest version of Wordpress, Pressbooks, McLuhan with all other plugins disabled. Per Ho Chan’s request, I did turn on Wordpress Debug, but did not get any additional information from the logs except that imagick is not installed.

System Information

Book Info

Book ID: 13
Book URL:
Book Privacy: Public


Platform: OS X
Browser Name: Chrome
Browser Version: 87.0.4280.141
User Agent String: Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 11_1_0) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/87.0.4280.141 Safari/537.36

WordPress Configuration

Network URL:
Network Type: Subdomain
Version: 5.6
Language: en_US
WP_ENV: Not set
WP_DEBUG: Enabled
Memory Limit: 64M

Pressbooks Configuration

Version: 5.18.0
Book Theme: McLuhan
Book Theme Version: 2.11.0
Root Theme: Aldine
Root Theme Version: 1.9.0

Pressbooks Dependencies

Epubcheck: Installed
Kindlegen: Installed
xmllint: Installed
PrinceXML: Installed
Saxon-HE: Installed

Must-Use Plugins

hm-autoloader.php: n/a

Network Active Plugins

GitHub Updater: 9.9.7
Pressbooks: 5.18.0

Book Active Plugins

Candela Citation: 0.2.3
GitHub Updater: 9.9.7
Pressbooks: 5.18.0

Inactive Plugins

Akismet Anti-Spam: 4.1.8
Cookies for Comments: 0.5.5
H5P: 1.15.0
Hypothesis: 0.6.0
Limit Login Attempts Reloaded: 2.19.2
Pressbooks Shortcode Handler: 0.1
Subscribe To Comments: 2.3
TablePress: 1.12
WordPress Importer: 0.7
WP QuickLaTeX: 3.8.6

Server Configuration

PHP Version: 7.3.20
MySQL Version: 5.7.30
Webserver Info: Apache

PHP Configuration

Safe Mode: Disabled
Memory Limit: 256M
Upload Max Size: 64M
Post Max Size: 128M
Upload Max Filesize: 64M
Time Limit: 30
Max Input Vars: 1000
URL-aware fopen: N/A
Display Errors: N/A

PHP Extensions

OPcache: Zend
XDebug: Disabled
cURL: Supported
cURL Version: 7.71.0
imagick: Not Installed
xsl: Installed

Thanks all. We can turn this into a bug report in Pressbooks. My first thought is that it might be related to our recent bump/updates of the TinyMCE editor:

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I’ve just created a bug report for the issue that you’ve reported: I cannot reproduce on any of the networks we host, which makes me wonder whether it may related to how dependencies are managed/updated. We will discuss at a future bug scrub and post any updates in the GitHub ticket and share a solution in this thread, when available.

Bummer that you can’t reproduce. If you need a closer look or want me to try something, please reach out.

Hi all – we think that this error you’re seeing is related to the TinyMCE dependency update we included Pressbooks 5.18.0 (we got ahead of WordPress). We’ve reverted the change in Pressbooks 5.18.1 which was released today: Does updating to latest version fix the issue for those of you experiencing problems?

We’re good after updating. Thanks Steel and team.

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