PDF Print generates Digital version

Something wrong with one of my titles. Even though I select PDF (for print), I receive the PDF (for digital distribution). Has something been modified at Pressbooks end? Help!

Can you provide more details about this problem? What’s the book URL etc?


Hi, any luck with solving this? The problem still remains. Thanks for your help.

Hi @firozem your book appears to be able to produce both digital and print PDFs. The output looked broken because you had added some Custom CSS which broke the stylesheet here: Log In ‹ Partisan Universalism — Pressbooks. I removed the extra text which wasn’t actually CSS, and your PDF exports now look better. I don’t know what customizations you were trying to make and if the book now meets your expectations, but here’s our guide chapter on using custom styles for reference: Customizing your Exports with Custom Styles – Pressbooks User Guide

Please note that Pressbooks does not offer support for comprehensive CSS formatting, especially when making extensive customizations. Good luck with this book project – it looks like a very interesting publication!

Thanks so much for this. Really appreciate your advice and help/

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