PDF Export has no styles in it

Hi everybody,

I use the McLuhan Theme and DocRaptor for my PDF-Exports. After switching from mPDF to DocRaptor the PDF exports have no more styling! My custom CSS is ignored, too. What am I missing?

I created an account on DocRaptor, I put the key in my wp-config.php and exported “PDF (for print)” and “PDF (for digital distribution)”.

Are you hosting your Pressbooks network somewhere that is publicly accessible? DocRaptor needs to be able to read the CSS from your network to complete the export. That’s the first thing I’d check. DocRaptor’s logs can tell you when it isn’t able to load required content.

Thanks for the fast reply @ned.

The network ist under development but is also publicly accessible. The log from my last export gives me two errors I don’t really understand:

Thu Feb 14 15:18:42 2019: error: output intent required for PDF/X-1a:2003
Thu Feb 14 15:18:42 2019: error: stripped image transparency to comply with PDF/X-1a:2003

That doesn’t seem related. Sorry, not sure what to tell you; we use DocRaptor in production and haven’t encountered this issue on a public network.

Okay thanks anyway, I will make more research and update this topic if I find the solution.

Hi @ned,

FYI the reason was the missing SSL certificate on the dev server. DocRaptor seems to need an secure connection.