Pages/Parts: Feature image

  • To have a feature image will help if we whant to have a picture in the beginning of the page.
  • To have a feature image helps with metadata. I´ not really sure about that!
  • To have a feature image allow the creation of a more dinamic table of contents.
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Or even to have 2 feature image, one for the Table of Contents and other for the page.

The proportions for the TOC is between 1:6 - 1:9 and the proportions for the page are between 1:1 to 1:3

One of the considerations we have for adding features to the books is how it will work across all three (core) formats: web, PDF and EPUB. Would your proposal for feature images integrate them into the formats other than web as well?

Well… More pictures means heavier file (amazon charge for each mb of the ebook).

Maybe just web at first and later not by default.

The feature image of the Table of contents, always just in web.