Page numbering query for two-part book

Page numbering issue re pdf export. I want to print book in two volumes (two parts in Pressbooks). Ideally would like separate pagination for front matter (in small Roman) if that is possible, and to renumber pages from 1 in Volume/Part 2.Is there a way of doing this within Pressbooks?

Hi @rescribal

This is possible. Pressbooks uses the term “front matter” to describe the pieces of the book that would come first and would be roman numeral formatted.

They have information about this in their Pressbooks user guide. One thing that I have noticed is that they follow Chicago Style rules for the order and type of frontmatter, and in Chicago rules, an introduction is numbered in arabic numerals.

They have a workaround for that in the user guide if you would like it small roman, which is to use a different front matter type.

I hope that helps!

Thanks very much, @beckej. I had another go and see that I hadn’t defined the kind of front matter (a real tyro here . . .). Numerals now seem to be Roman anyway, perhaps because of theme.

Maybe not possible to re-start pagination for second part?

On line 2213 of the PDF styles for the McLuhan Theme I see:

div.part.introduction {
counter-reset: page 1;

You could try to add the following custom
css to not only restart the numbering in the introduction, but on every part, including appendix:

div.part {
counter-reset: page 1;

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Thank you! @t.dumm. How do I get to the PDF styles for McLuhan or other themes? (I’m using Austen 2). Anyway, I’m reading up on css at the moment: will try this when I feel a bit more confident and aim to report back.

If you are using self-hosted Pressbooks, then it can be set per book under Design → User defined styles → PDF styles. For hosted Pressbooks you have to have an Enterprise or Collaboration license to be able to add user defined styles. I do not know what your situation is.