Options to Toggle About the Authors Info

I love the Contributor feature that includes the author bios at the end of each chapter. I don’t love the bloated table of contents with the author names as our first project has the same three authors for each chapter. We also feature interviews, so a chapter might have up to three additional contributors. That’s too much info to present in Table of Contents (and possibly at chapter title).

Any thoughts about allowing a global setting with more granularity for About the Author section?
Ideally, the following options would be available:

  • Display author names at the beginning of each chapter (ON/OFF)
  • Display author names in the table of contents (ON/OFF)
  • Display information about authors at the end of each chapter (ON/OFF)


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HI @vhartman this sounds like a product idea. Best place for those is Issues · pressbooks/ideas · GitHub rather than this forum. Thanks!

Done! And added a few more weekend daydreaming ideas. :slight_smile: Valerie

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