Openstax Imports: No XML or Word Docs Versions

I have a couple of faculty that need to import OpenStax content into Pressbooks. I have reached out to OpenStax for assistance with this since chapters are not available as a Google doc yet for Intro to Statistics. They are hoping to have Google Docs versions for all of their books by early 2022, which is a bit late for us. The faculty member is hoping to use the book this coming Fall.

The faculty member is also using Collaborative Statistics from OpenStax which is findable in Open Textbook Library: Collaborative Statistics - Open Textbook Library. Any recommendations for best strategies to import would be so helpful. I have a feeling we are looking at copy and paste and piecing together, but wanted to reach out here in case others have any strategies to help with the process. Thanks in advance!


DeeAnn Ivie she/her/hers
Open Education Coordinator & Social Sciences Librarian
The University of Texas at San Antonio
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Hi DeeAnn – just seeing this post now. I don’t know if anyone has imported that book into Pressbooks yet, and I don’t see a readily available editable version of the book anywhere. I might try contacting the authors to see if they know of an ‘importable’ version of the book that they’re able to share. I know Barbara is quite active on the CCCOER email list. Her contact information is available from her faculty site at Barbara Illowsky

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