Not able to upgrade any books or view storage quota

I’m experiencing problems with he storge of the prepaid “PDF+Ebook Pro Plan” accounts of my books. (Most recent addition was in July 2021 at $79.00). The dashboard responds with each of my 4 products, saying that I do not have enough storage space and to upgrade, even though I already have the PDF+Ebook Pro Plan for each book I have with you.

Even though each of the 4 is prepaid PDF+Ebook Pro Plan, I tried to do the upgrade suggested (Upgrade – Pressbooks User Guide), just to get my product exported and re-published, but the interface at does not show this option to upgrade.

I want to see the storage space used for my books, and according to this link:
The Authoring Dashboard – Pressbooks User Guide I should be able to view it from the dashboards of each book.

Is the website suffering from the same errors we just went through in the thread of “Apostrophe Problems”?

@palanshia we introduced some errors on the Ingram Spark network where your books are hosted just before our holiday break, which your messages helped us become aware of. We believe the problems you were experiencing on this network have now been corrected. Again, our apologies for the unexpected interruptions to your publishing process. You can continue communicating with our support team via email if you observe further issues.