My web hoster says:
there is no install file of KINDLEGEN available for their FreeBSD (64bit) operating system. Therefore this export function can’t be used on their system.

can you confirm this information?

Hi @grac, Amazon Kindlegen downloads are available for Windows, iOS, and GNU/Linux here: I found a FreeBSD forum post that suggests the Linux program works well with FreeBSD using the Linuxulator: though I have no idea if this is in fact the case. See and for more on the linuxulator in FreeBSD. There may be others in Pressbooks user land that have more experience with using Kindlegen on servers running FreeBSD, or you may find better advice in Amazon/Kindlegen and/or FreeBSD user support forums?

hi there
thanks so much for your answer - good to know.

meanwhile i got an offer from another swiss web hoster who runs linux.
as the first tests showed, the 3rd parties dependencies are no problem on linux at all.
so i will probably change the hoster - as is suggested by others on this forum, when there are problems with a web hoster and his limitations.

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