New installation - import and export not shown

hi there - i am stephan from switzerland and have installed pressbooks successfully. watching intro videos i noticed that my installation (german - swiss) does not show the export function and in tools there is no import function.
is my installation not finished?

The export has to be enabled per book in the book settings under sharing. Import is also done per book under tools. Do such buttons in the book tools and settings?

Share a screenshot? My guesses:

  1. You are not looking at a book. Instead, you are looking at the Network Admin or the Main Site (a blog, not a book). Create a book then navigate to it.

  2. You have logged in as a “Subscriber” or someone who doesn’t have enough permissions to see the menus you want to see.

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thanks for your answers.
you are totally right:
import and export functions are present in the book menu, after having created a book.
so this problem is solved.