Musical Engraving


I wonder if anyone has looked at musical notation. I have and I think it is the last ‘frontier’ in engraving for eBooks and arguably of equal importance for academic, institutional and general publishing for digital press output. So far I have found ABC Notation to be the most promising avenue. However I have yet to be able to get it to fully parse through to all forms of output.


That plugin uses abjs:

Maybe using vexflow as the underlying technology would be more promising:

Or maybe just pure CSS?


Yes I realise the javascript is the problem and so another one I looked at and have been playing with is Scorerender But there does not seem to have been a lot of movement on its development.


I should have been a bit more on the ball before I submitted this, my apologies, as I have not looked at this properly for some time. I should have said Scorerender was the most promising as it should work in the way Quicklatex does. However what I meant to say initially is that musical engraving seems to me to be arguably of at least equal importance as mathematical engraving and there is not much exploration of it for ebooks. It can be of course rendered as an image offline but it seems theoretically possible to get a plugin to work.


Prince (and DocRaptor) can run JavaScript prior to the PDF rendering.

That leaves EPUB as a problem to be solved, but it’s a start?


Wow! That’s encouraging, then ABC notation would be the preferred option since it’s very much current with regular updates, it works fine for web too but doesn’t wrap responsively too well in the book view (still on 3.9.9 live here so I’m talking about the old book view - which I’ll miss in some way as it has a real ‘paper’ feel about it, but you’ve done great work with the new one). we’ll take a look at it for ePub.

I also didn’t look closely enough at Dac’s post because the two other options he linked to also look very promising - I like the idea particularly of css!