Moving Half a Million Database Tables to AWS Aurora (Part 1)

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This post is about migrating to AWS. Does It Scale? At Pressbooks we use WordPress Multisite as a development platform. Pressbooks changes WordPress and makes every blog a book. The prevailing wisdom of the day is that a relational database should have a manageable set of tables with lots of rows of data in them. WP…

Wow. Most of this went well over my head, but the parts I did understand were very impressive, Dac. I don’t know if this is relevant, but I just met this guy at U Iowa this morning: His doctoral research was on “high performance parallel systems for data-intensive computing.” Very nice guy, very interested in OER and computer science/engineering education. Want an introduction?

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I just want to clarify that I’m just the messenger. Ned is very involved in this process and it’s a team effort. :slight_smile:

Our problem is mostly about moving tons and tons of tables. WordPress scales well with this (unconventional) model. There isn’t so much a lot of intensive parallel computing going on. Rather, our hosted instances are already on AWS and we’re just dealing with bit of procrastination with our offering.

Good times.