Metadata css issue

Take a look the text. some times some letters are missing or half. Or two words are touching each other.

Take a look the details

If we change the size of the screen, the situation dissapear and we can see the content without problems, but is necesary to change the screen size.

What browser is this? I can’t reproduce:

Firefox 58.0.2

Chrome 64.0.3282.186

Safari 11.0.3

with a macbook pro 13.3 " Monitor

do not use to happen. just with some content.
take a look here:

I just tested that on my 13" MacBook Pro with the same browser and I’m not seeing the issue. Do you have any browser plugins installed that modify the web content display? Can you try clearing your cache?

the opposite. If I open the site the first time, is wrong. if I change the screen size, the text change and I can see the content in the good place. By cleaning the cache, the content is wrong again.

two plugins not activated

and I do not know what´s that.

all deactivated, clean the cache and still some issues:


I still can’t reproduce this.

Do you get the same problem in other browsers?

take a look here:

Looked in every browser I have, I also don’t see a problem.

with Chrome works just fine, looks like.