McLuhan Translation

Hi, I would like to translate the McLuhan theme.
I’m using the “Loco Translate” plugin. I succeeded translating the Pressbooks plugin and the Aldine theme with “Loco Translate”, but when I tried to translate the McLuhan (add new language), I got a warning message that the McLuhan theme needs to have “text domain”.
I opened McLuhan’s style.css and I found that text-domain field is missing there
It seems that this is the reason that I can’t create new language…
May I add “text domain: pressbooks-book” in the style.css? is it O.K?


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@ETNA I’ve done this:

If you are taking the time to translate, I’m sure other users would appreciate it if you add your translations to our account on Transifex. Here’s links:


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Hi Ned!
It worked!! :grinning:
I will finish translating and add all translations - it’s the least I can do!

Thanks a lot!

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Hi Ned!
I uploaded the 3 translations as you explained

Thanks for all your help!