McLuhan 2.17 and Aldine 1.14 packages are broken

Hi everyone,

There is a problem with the McLuhan 2.17 and Aldine 1.14 packages that were just released. When updating via the github updater plugin which is our normal process, both the catalog sites and book sites broke.

We had to do “composer install” from the command line to fix the issue. Just wanted to get the info to you asap because its going to effect all your open source users, and everyone may not have access to command line tools.

@homanchan @SteelWagstaff

Something weird is going on. We are getting a message to update to McLuhan 2.17, but when we do that update, it says we are running 2.14.0-dev

Hi @beckej we don’t use GitHub updater at all on our team, so don’t have much visibility into what might be happening for you here. We also haven’t heard about any problems from other open source users, so we need more information to reproduce. What version of Pressbooks are you running? McLuhan 2.17 requires Pressbooks 5.33 and vice versa.


Steel, at one point, Github Updater plugin was the default way that Pressbooks recommended you keep your network up to date. That was two lead devs ago, and maybe you are getting away from that, but it was super convenient for admins because using that plugin we can just update the WordPress way, from the GUI, without needed to be aware of new releases from GitHub.

If you guys don’t support it anymore, just let me know and I won’t bug you about it.

Here’s what I am seeing:

Before last night, I already had Pressbooks 5.33 installed, and I actually already had McLuhan 2.17 installed.

Despite this, I was prompted to update McLuhan. When I did it showed the error message I shared above. Running Composer Install fixed the problem, but it did a wierd thing, where it misidentified what version of McLuhan I was running and listed it as 2.14-dev

So at this point, I am convinced that the problem is the package on github, and that specifically, the package is missing McLuhan’s dependencies.

To confirm that, I go to github, download the zip file, upload it to my Pressbooks network using the zip upload update process. and again it breaks all book sites, and I have to run Composer Install to fix. Weirdly, this time it recognizes it as 2.17

I’m convinced that there is something wrong with the zip file package in Github, which is also the package that the github updater uses.

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Version: 5.33.1
Root Theme: Aldine
Root Theme Version: 1.14.0

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Epubcheck: Installed
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hm-autoloader.php: n/a

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Display Errors: N/A

PHP Extensions

OPcache: Zend
XDebug: Disabled
cURL: Supported
cURL Version: 7.71.0
imagick: Not Installed
xsl: Installed

Hi Ed – we do mention GitHub updater as a potential way to keep Pressbooks plugins and themes up to date in our readme, that is true. I found this: Pressbooks-book. My understanding is that GitHub updater looks for tagged updates and allows you to update when they become available. I checked McLuhan and our latest tagged version is 2.17.0 and the style.css file lists the version as 2.17.0 in master branch as well: pressbooks-book/style.css at 0b72971f9c3807e2db82b197191f3863ba02b44e · pressbooks/pressbooks-book · GitHub (see tagged commit: pressbooks-book/style.css at 0b72971f9c3807e2db82b197191f3863ba02b44e · pressbooks/pressbooks-book · GitHub). I checked Aldine and see that the style.css in master is also 1.14.0: pressbooks-aldine/style.css at 056698550d0edc8825feb1e46e782ae754f04115 · pressbooks/pressbooks-aldine · GitHub. This leads me to believe that our releases are not broken, but that something might be going wrong with your particular use of GitHub updater, which is much harder for us to help you debug. Could something like this: Theme update errors - #11 by SteelWagstaff be helpful? If not, I’d probably recommend checking the GitHub updater support forums. Maybe start here? Usage – Git Updater

If you learn something there that reinforces your sense that this is a Pressbooks release problem, let us know and we’ll try to fix it!

Hi Steel,

The thing that makes me think it is the Pressbooks package and not github updated is I recreated the problem when download the zip package directly from github. But at this point, my site is fine. I was trying to alert you to help other open source users, but if I’m the only one this happened to, then I don’t know what to think.