MathJax expressions forcing removal of new line text

Has there been any change in the MathJax ([latex] [/latex] code?

I am finding that when MathJax expressions are included in a paragraph in Examples textbox, they force removal of start of new line.

For example, as in image below, if I don’t include the latex-wrapped expression, I get the “Answer” line in the next line, as I want it. But the moment I add the latex-wrapped expression in the first paragraph, the new line starting with “Answer” is tacked onto the end of the first paragraph and there is no way I can force it to start the new line.

At the same time, this is what it looks like in the editor, with the math expression included.

The images in the previous post are the text as rendered in web view.

@Ana in the example you’ve provided here, the lack of a new line is being caused by the < in your MathJax expression. \lt is used to encode the < character in MathJax syntax. \gt is used for > . (Otherwise, < and > get mistaken for HTML by the browser.)

If you use \lt instead of < in your MathJax expression in the editor, < will appear in web view, and the following new line will work correctly.