Lost most files when migrating

I used the ‘migrate’ option to request to move files to Pressbooks’ new site, and I didn’t receive any further links, emails or way to retrieve the files. Please help! I emailed Feedback and Contact and got a bounce back email that those addresses would not provide support. Who else can I reach out to? Thank you!

We can help you! Send an email with the URL of the book you tried to migrate to feedback@pressbooks.com and we’ll get right on it.

Thanks, I emailed to Feedback earlier - I don’t have a specific link as I had exported PDF and EPUB files not used web links previously.

What is the URL for the new Pressbooks site? I’m hoping I can log in there and find my files. Thank you!

it’s pressbooks.pub. You’ll have a new account for that site – you should be able to reset your password using your email address at this link: Lost Password ‹ Create OER with Pressbooks — Pressbooks

@ASEIArts I see an email you sent to our feedback address about 20 minutes ago. I just replied there asking for more details that we’ll need to help you with your request.

Virtually all my titles have been lost in migration. I migrated all of them to pressbooks.pub and I am unable to edit urgently things I was working on. I tried to go back to pressbooks.com and unable to log in. What is happening? I urgently need to work on a book that was in process of being edited. Please help

@firozemanji Not to worry, I see your migrated books on pressbooks.pub.

Since the books were migrated to pressbooks.pub, you’ll need to log into pressbooks.pub rather than pressbooks.com in order to access the books.

You will have received a confirmation email with instructions for logging into pressbooks.pub. If you run into any issues logging in there, just let us know.

I don’t need a new password. I marked all the titles that were on pressbooks.com to be migrated, but only 20 of the rather older ones have been migrated. The more recent ones are no longer there which is a source of serious concern, especially those that we are busy editing.

Hi Thomas

I do have serious issues here — more than half the titles I asked to be migrated have disappeared!


@firozemanji I’ll reply to your recent email – the books will all be retrievable. The reason those titles don’t appear under that one pressbooks.pub account is that you have two different accounts on pressbooks.com with different email addresses linked to them. I’ll send more info in our email thread.