Looking at TextbookHTML

Just starting this thread to get people looking at TextbookHTML: https://github.com/oerpub/TextbookHTML

Interested in impressions from the community, particularly those working on textbooks/OER.

I’m interested and would like to make time for this soon. Haven’t be able to you, but hope it becomes possible, perhaps by late April/early May?

I noticed that the TextbookHTML sample document https://github.com/oerpub/TextbookHTML/blob/master/samples/htmlbook.html uses nested section elements for h1 … h6 headings. My question: Are section elements compulsory for creating subsections? And if so: How am I going to cut-and-paste text containing subsections during the editing process with TinyMCE without creating invalid markup or getting warning that the clipboard content cannot be inserted where I want it with cut-and-paste?

  1. I would say that they are strongly recommended as per HTML5 spec. See: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTML/Element/section
  2. You already can cut and paste content wrapped in a <section> tag in TinyMCE.

Try this demo without the “visual aids” and “show block” options:

It did not really work nicely for me. It is not the usual WYSIWYG editing any more, or I am doing something wrong.