List of Languages in PDF exports

At the end of chapter 5 (p. 74-5) the PDF (Print) and PDF (Digital) exports include a list of languages.

What is causing this errant list and how can I correct? Thanks!



Can you provide a URL and screenshot of the problem? We’ll need more info to replicate and try to provide a solution.

Thanks – can you provide the book URL where this is being printed?

Sorry. :slight_smile: The Path to Funding – Simple Book Publishing

I see this list is included in the text of the chapter at Your Audience – The Path to Funding. Perhaps it was copied and pasted there inadvertently while the chapter was being edited? It’s possible for you or another admin user on this book to edit the chapter and leave out this list.

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Hi @vhartman it looks like someone accidentally pasted that content in while revising the chapter. See Sign in to your existing account for the revision history that shows the user who added this and the time stamp. I’d recommend removing it and generating a new export.

Found it in the code and removed it. Thank you!

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Replied in the wrong spot but thanks to you both. Found the issue in the code. Appreciate the help.

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